I remember a story I heard in the early 1980s. There was a drug load that was seized in the early days of the drug war in Mexico. The volume was about one box car in quantity. The mexican authorities were going to dispose of the load at a distant city and had a steam locomotive to haul the load. The cartel wanting its load of whacky weed back went and removed half the oil the locomotive would need for the trip. The plan was that the train would run out of fuel in a desert and the cartel would be able to get it back.

Well that was the plan. Yet the soldiers on the train had another idea. When the train realized there wasnt enough fuel to keep the train going it is said that the military decided to burn the marijauna bales in the firebox. It seems the train went through several towns where the peoples outlook on life became quite happy. I dont know if there is any validity to the story. Yet it was quite the news in the train club that I used to attend in Griffith Park.



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