Alright I have a radio that needs a really good tech. First guy I took it to busted the board to the clarifier and told me it was fixed after he completely took out the board… second shop I took it ended up taking the board out of a 69VHP and put it in, said it needed tuning but would work (couldn’t hold it against this guy for not completing the job, told me in advance he wouldn’t have time to tune it and closed for the weekend.) and third guy was honest enough to tell me he doesn’t know and would need another FFB4 side by side to figure it out… so… got to the point where I’m ready to just mail it to a well known and trusted shop to get it working right again. Thanks in advance.

The first guy who broke the board and charged me $120 to make things worse instead of better was the exit 44 Joplin guy.

Second guy was TA East in Oklahoma City.

Third guy was Extreme CB in Albuquerque NM.



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