After searching on here, didn’t see anything, so I’m posting.

I’m trying to get the fan clutch holes to line up with the hub so I can take the clutch off, and the hub. I need to rebuild the hub, and my clutch I think went out too maybe. The night before the bearing sleeve/ bearing failed my fan was running non stop. Dropped the load and got back home.

by myself it’s been tricky to hold the hub while prying the clutch over to get the holes to line up. I’ve been hooking up all sorts of macgyver’isms, nothing yet. I got a portable air compressor, so tomorrow I was going to see about getting a shop air attachment and shooting air into the hub, because maybe my clutch actually wasn’t dead and it’s just my solenoid. That way I can free it, to get it to turn.

any other ideas to get the two to line up so I can continue the job?



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