I usually do it on the truck… Lay under truck with 5 pound sledge, with the cross aligned so one set of cups is straight up and down. Then hit the yoke upward right beside the bottom cup, keep doing this and the bottom cup will start to walk out. Once one cup is out the drive line can be separated from the u joint and second cup can be pounded out with a punch.

To get the other side of the cross out I will stop and rotate the drive line 90 degrees when the first of the 4 cups is about 2/3 of the way out, and repeat the upward pounding process until a cup on the second cross comes out.

Thus is the point when I seperate the drive line from the u joint. Then the partially removed cup will come out with a few good smacks on the u joint itself. The final 2 cups can them be pounded out with a hammer and punch.



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