Volvo D13 – motor sound getting louder — mine was …

Well I finally went into a Volvo Dealer to find out what the noise was – right away they
determined I was in need of a new CAM —

They took the top off – sure enough the cam was in pretty bad shape –

UNEVEN WARE – clearly and visually that was the issue!!! -Deep Ware-

–> COST to repair >> 8.000 – 10.000 at Volvo Dealer:

I elected to have the work done outside – cost of cam alone is $ 2.000

Moral of the story – INCREASINGLY LOUD NOISES are issues to be resolved.

also if your buying a used Volvo – OPEN the top – have a look at the cam – 200 bucks
at any Volvo dealer .. may have to replace the gasket, but worth the expense.



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