1. My name is Hans and I write here from Germany. I own one of the very rare Kenworth trucks in Germany – and I am lost. No workshop for this truck, no parts dealer. I hope to find help here from you guys.
    I placed brand new batteries in my truck. Doing this I had a short circuit. I did here something brake (like a fuse) but I do not find where. The motor turns perfect, but does not fire up. There is no “check engine soon” sign, so the ECM seems to get no power.
    Can it be an extra fuse or solenoid? Any idea where I have to look?
    Can I give you more information about the truck or the problem?
    Thanks guys


  2. baha

    Road Train Member

    CK . for two small wires that were conn. to pos and neg. batt. posts the one that went on pos. side of batt. has a small fuse inside of a fuse holder with a push in fuse, one of the batt. may have been put on top of the small wires hide them?


  3. Post last six of VIN and we can get some diagrams. See @daf105paccar , got some smart guys in your neck of the woods!


    daf105paccar Thanks this.

  4. Thank you for the comments
    There is unfortunately not such a wire with fuse. Only one pos. cable (thinner) goes to the left side where it splits in different others. None of them has a fuse. Situation shown in the picture
    The six numbers are 614342.
    Is daf105paccar over here or does he know peoople. Should I contact him direct?


  5. @KVB might be the one to help.
    If you can get the diagrams ?


  6. What year is that truck?


  7. German papers say from 1994


  8. Get some diagrams after lunch.


  9. Itś a Cummins engine.


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