The heater I am referring to is a thermo top c 5.2KW

The idea is to let the engine coolant heat the cab while the engine is running and upon shut down for the night use the thermo top to keep the coolant at 140~150 F overnight? That would not be a continuous use perhaps? With a winter front on the grill keeping the heat loss down, maybe run the heater for an hour or two then cycle an hour off repeat overnight?

I don’t plan to be in low teens, mostly low 20’s high teens 15+ I stay on the southern routes but it does get cold in New Mexico and northern Arizona

This is one idea, the air heater is another however I would like an engine heater as well. My c13 is kinda cold blooded anyway. Battery life seems to be the key issue. I wonder if adding some lithium batteries for the heater would work? They don’t like cold either, they could go under the bunk?




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