I understand you clearly.

There is one thought you indicated. You intended to grab a 30 minute nap or a short rest because you had a big long day or night. Thats great. No problem. Except one.

Your body made it into a 6 hour restful sleep making repairs and paying what I call “A sleep bill you owe yourself”

I bet you felt pretty good, which was promptly destroyed by the store tinpot beating on your door.

I cannot tell you anything really. No parking is that.

I occasionally take over no parking areas when I had to and eaten tickets for it. I remember one day in Phillpsburg NJ off exit 7 at the 76 there I allowed the tractor to set the drive tires on a pile of about 30 bent and destroyed no parking signs in broaddaylight for all to see.

The local police gathered at my door, about 7 of them while I relaxed and watched them from the resturant plate glass window with a giant CAT hat to see about ticketing me who isnt there yet. What I should have done is sent the fuel boy to fetch all of them for a prepaid dinner on me. And they can write me a thousand tickets if they so choose after a nice motivating meal.

But no. They stand around my door almost 2 hours. I finished, paid and came out and of course they mobbed me. I took care of that ticket and quickly too. Nothing was ever said on my record as it was treated as a donation to the teddy bear fix tears on children program.



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