1. Attention all current, formal current, in current process associates. This is the new and improved Walmart here I come 2.0. My self along with GS and TR. have spent the last 4 months creating the 2.0 edition.


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  2. Lol, I give 2 days. Good luck


  3. thanks. tell us what you like and dont like about wm. any tips for current or in process drivers. here at 2.0 we value feed back.


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  4. banned for gross insults :eek:


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  5. Hopefully at the chiropractor. Clearly he needs more help than that but it’s a start.


  6. Proctologist would be more appropriate, and maybe a head shrink so it does not burn as much on the way out.


  7. 99966411-C499-43E1-9B82-0EF2E33996D1.jpeg

    should i get.


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