1. I am a 60 y/o that’s tired of working outdoors, enjoys driving. I am thinking of getting a Class A CDL, then buy a used truck, get insurance and begin hauling loads long distance.
    1.) Will I be able to find work easily?
    2.) Will insurance be too high for me to make any money, being new to trucking?
    3.) Is it best for me to work for a company first and for how long?
    4.) Would I need to buy or rent a trailer or flatbed?
    Thanks :)


  2. Don’t do that without experience working in the industry first


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  3. At 60 Im assuming you’ve built up a a decent nest egg that you’ll be able to burn through in the 1st year or 2 of your adventure.


  4. So how long would it benefit me to work for someone else. At my age I also worry about getting a job too


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    Before you go into debt buying a truck, drive for someone first. Hook on with an OTR company and give it a couple of years.
    There’s a lot to learn about being an OO and driving the truck is the easiest part.
    Whatever you do, don’t fall for a lease/purchase scam from one of the mega carriers.
    Just drive. Listen. Watch. Learn.


  6. I am interested in profits, if it is profitable.


  7. Good advice.


  8. Profitable for some, quite an expensive adventure for others, it all just depends. Most first time new owners goes belly up, I don’t know the percentage, but it is on the high side.


  9. I would think that insurance might make it impossible to make a profit just getting started, because I would be driving a truck without much experience. Don’t know much about the taxes either. This is something I am now looking into. Good to hear realistic feedback, instead of planning a pipedream however :)


  10. Getting a job is the easy part. Graduate from cdl school and there’s a couple dozen companies just waiting to hire you.
    Be a company driver for 2 or 3 years before even considering becoming an owner-operator.
    Join www.OOIDA.com to learn the business end of owning a truck. It’s not that simple. I don’t know of any place that will let you haul freight with no experience or even with 1 yr. experience.
    For now, go with a coast to coast outfit to gain experience with all weather/all terrain driving.


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