1. Specifically Manitoba and West.
    Did the old 244″ max wheelbase on a tandem tractor get changed to something longer?
    I know for a long time you could get a long wheelbase permit for legal loads. (With a corresponding reduction on trailer wheelbase). But never get a permit for oversize/overweight with a +244″ truck.
    Did this get changed? And if so, what is the max now for OSOW?


  2. Yes it got changed all over, but couldn’t tell you off the top of my head.out west I believe Max is 282 east is 285 I think? OSOW I know it changed some.


  3. cke

    Road Train Member

    Ya didn’t throw that chunk of frame away did ya ???


  4. You couldn’t have 2 permits before, now with the change in wheelbase, the OSOW would be the 1 permit. Think trailer reduction still applies. Also if you are unaware, before I know Manitoba offered a spread axle annual permit for the trailer, don’t know if this has changed


    cke and old iron Thank this.

  5. cke

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    What’s a spread axel permit


  6. Back when I was leased to Mercer they had an annual permit for Manitoba that allowed you to enter the Province with a spread axle Flatbed. I no longer have a copy of it to show you. Maybe someone who is still leased to them will look in their permit book a post a copy


  7. Correction: I said to enter the Province, I should have said to operate in the Province with the spread axle trailer


  8. So can you now get a osow permit with a over length tractor? I can’t find any hard evidence.


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