Hello all,
I have had to go back to the drawing board on my decision of going owner op. Regardless, I have hit a snag and cant pull the trigger on what type or more like what condition to buy a truck in.

I have 40k for a truck. I do not want a loan at this time, however I could get a small loan to buy more in the 50 to 60 braket.

1. I can just buy the newest lowest mile truck I can find at that price. The problem is most of them seem to have a ton of issues too

2. I can buy a 10k to 15k “junker” that runs and is road legal but will undoubtedly go belly up sooner then later and when. It does just get another. Until I have enough funding to justify a new truck. My first pick may never die or I may go through 3 in a year.
3. Attached to this is get a truck that is in need of repairs and do them as I go. I may have 30k In it when I’m done but hopefully it will be a good truck when im done. Or may blow up in way 4 months in

4. By a truck that is already been overhauled and gone through and is ready to go its basically new on the Inside. These are older late 90s trucks typically rolling bricks

5. Last option buy a clean truck that is never been over hauled but is well maintained and clean then pay out to have it overhauled and be ready to roll with little worry.

There are obviously other options mixed in there but these are my basic 5

I am leaning towards 3 or 5 or possibly a combination of the two. If I do that I can find the style I like and make the mechanics match.

I also have time I dont plain on starting driving till jan. I left a lot of details out because I felt they dont mater if a detail is important please ask.

I appreciate any help and thank you



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