1. I had my class a cdl for 5 years with my tanker endorsement and hazmat. I worked in the south texas oilfield. During that time I also wrote a training manual for the company I worked for on driving, professionalism, the complete vacuum system, etc. I gave orientation to new hires and even became a supervisor for a time. When my father became to ill to care for himself I quit and took care of him for 3 years during which time my cdl expired. My father passed away recently and I went and got my CDL permit and medical card. I cant afford to rent a truck to take the drive test in so im looking for a company to hire me and use their truck for the drive test. Apparently companies no longer do this. I dont want to go through a whole program teaching me over a long period of time how to drive when I taught myself how to drive an 18 speed in 2 weeks the first time. I dont want to be under a year long contract making hardly any money for it either. I have a very clean driving record, no accidents, tickets etc for over 30 years, and a clean background. Im looking to get a job and just stay in the truck collecting paychecks. Looking for a company that will let me bring my dog also. If anyone has any advice I would totally appreciate you! Thanks!


  2. Where is your location?
    Are you going back to the oilfields?


  3. This is a good lesson to other drivers not to let your CDL expire.


  4. Your best bet is to search Craigslist. Might find an owner-operator that will help you and give you a job.
    Otherwise, you’ll have to do some type of formal training program.


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  5. I am just outside of san antonio, Texas. I kind of want to go over the road.


  6. Knock out that formal training man. You’ve gotten a little behind the times now. It wont take that long to get through it. Maybe you can do a refresher course. You must not have got the 160 hr certificate.


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  7. Yeah, I love the OTR life too.
    If Craigslist doesn’t have what you want, look at FFE. Excellent training to bring you up to date on all the new rules, Elogs, etc. and you can take the dog. FFE is a 48 state carrier.
    FFE > Drivers > Student Driver > Need Training?
    Unlike other truck driving schools, our Academy is a part of FFE Transportation Services Inc., a growing 60+ year old leader in temperature-controlled trucking. This means we are able to offer you a guaranteed truck driver position upon graduation* and also a real-world education in truck driving that might not be available through general …


  8. You might give Carter Express a call they run a lot of Texas and they might be willing to help you.


  9. The problem is,most companies don’t want to take a risk and invest money into you getting your class a, and then you saying thanks and going elsewhere.which is very likely since your not willing to sign a contract for a year. Also most companies won’t touch you anyway because the insurance companies want RECENT verifiable experience (they won’t care how long you drove for before that). So not to sound harsh but your prob going to have to do formal training. Also note that on Feb 7 of this year the ol loop hole your referring to will no longer be legal and you must get formal training.


  10. I might be able to help. I know some people with some trucks.


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