1. Hello,
    Getting closer to getting my CDL and trying to line up a job. What would you consider to be good cpm for a new person? I am interested in regional, I was inclined towards tanker because I thought it paid the most. One company that hires new tanker drivers said cpm would be 44 to start then 46 after 3 months then 48 after 6 months and then 50 after a year. 1500-2000 miles per week which seems low. I would likely not be earning more than 50k in the first year. Is there a better way to earn 60k or more regional w no experience? Other companies that pay more? I figure I would get tanker experience which would help earn more after the first year but the sacrifices needed for this line of work would be more justifiable if the pay was at least 60. I drive Uber/Lyft sometimes to increase my income but presumably I won’t be able to do that if I’m sitting around in the back of my truck all the time waiting for loads or w/e. Thank you


  2. Probably around .40 to .42 would be ok for a new driver. Imo, most only take home around $35,000 or so the first couple of years and you’ll work 70 hrs a week for it.


  3. 42 com is bout average.


  4. With tanker you’ll get loading and unloading pay
    Also get dumurge pay


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