1. Office worker

Your work only has one unisex bathroom on the 21st floor and you work on the first floor. If you’re a woman, you might need to ask for a key because they like to keep the bathroom tidy. Sometimes it doesn’t even work at all because the usage is too high. Sometimes there’s no lock on the door. You aren’t allowed to go next door and use the bathroom during work.

After your 11 hour computer day, you’re asked to maintain the copy machine because you need it for work. You are now off the clock. The machine breaks down and you are expected to service the equipment.

You are still off the clock.

Your boss with a college degree (you have no college degree) sends you random text messages as you are attempting to repair the copy machine. That wouldn’t be so bad except that they are insulting, argumentative and barely english even though he’s AN AMERICAN BORN COLLEGE EDUCATED PERSON.

you are still off the clock.

You worked three hours for free.

Oops! Not enough time to drive away!

You go to your car, pull out your pillow and sleep in the back seat with the only bathroom behind a locked door on the 21st door. It wont open for another ten hours.

Never would this happen. Not once ever. This office reality would never happen. They’d be unionized, sued and put on the news. So why is it ok to do to me?



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