1. What’s what thing you wish you knew/ did better when becoming a o/o.
    I think this could be a good Saturday night discussion!


  2. I wished I’d have known better,,:biggrin_25523:


  3. I wish I would have known that my competition was so HORRIBLE at math!


  4. Actually, I did it all wrong. I leased my truck to a “power only” outfit to pull rail cans out of Chicago. It was like a company driver with his own truck, and I did ok, the boss made sure we wouldn’t go under, but not get rich either. I should have had my own lease, that HE signed and could have done other things, but couldn’t because of his lease. Also, I should have paid myself a salary, not just throw it in a pile and draw off that. I paid more in taxes that way, not that I’d have gotten rich the other way. It’s something as a company driver I always wanted to do, and I did it, but today, a failure of any kind, will put you under. Big companies can afford to take a loss on certain loads, but when it’s your baby, the outcome usually isn’t too good. Not to mention $100+/hr. service rates, when the truck isn’t moving, that adds up pretty quick.


  5. Well said!


    “semi” retired Thanks this.

  6. Wish I knew more about what lanes paid what. I was shooting in the dark completely. When you know nothing you end up undercutting other people and selling yourself short inadvertently. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t more money to be made, I was just skimming by. But, all along it was just my own ignorance until I learned what to demand and how to run efficiently as well.


  7. I wished the cat houses were listed on the internet.



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  8. This is my biggest regret in starting back into this industry, knowing that my competition can’t figure out what a good rate is and that they accept anything to turn a penny.


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