this is bringing back memories.
A while back I went to a jobsite at 5am to load a 336 Cat excavator before daylight. Well, the jobsite was in a residential neighborhood and I didn’t want to make a bunch of noise with the backup alarm, so I decided to pull into the job and turn around in there.
It had rained the day before.
I was bebop-ing along down a hill, and start to swing around to go back up the hill ( the only place to turn around) when I start to lose some speed and feel my tires spin. My heart sank. Full lockers on. Nope. Wiggle it back and forth. Nuh-uh. Just slides further into a jackknife.
It’s still dark out, but I crank up the excavator I was there to pickup, grabbed some 1/2″ lifting chains that I had on the trailer, and hook to some tiedown loops on the back of the trailer.
Drug the truck out by the ass end of the trailer. Going back and forth between truck and excavator to steer the tractor.

I end up making so much noise that the cops are called, DEFEATING THE PURPOSE OF PULLING INTO THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE.
I got the truck out on my own, but fuck me, that was a dumb decision on my part.


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