1. Edmonton, AB for the night.

    Where’s y’all at?


  2. Thought U went to Phoenix?


  3. That’s the next leg of the journey


  4. Nice…..:D


  5. At my house, getting ready for another week of the typical 9-5 with no associated excitement. While I lay here in bed, I think and wonder “there has to be more to life than this”. Then I hear a jake break on the highway in the distance and I realize that this 9-5 isn’t for me and I have 3 months left of CDL school before I can truly start enjoying what I do.

    Good luck out there!


  6. Good luck at school!


  7. This thread will not turn the direction of the other thread. Do not drag that subject in here! Final warning.


  8. So poetic


  9. Sleep well, future trucker!


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