FL always had crappy doors and interiors.

I drove a brand new FL COE from 1978 to1981, had 26 km/s on the odometer when I got it.
After that I swore I would never drive another one and never did.

As you will be told I’m sure, a big hood makes it easier to service the truck, lots of room to work.

I suggest you take your FL and go look at all the trucks that may interest you, open the hoods and do a proper A B comparison.
You should see immediately the differences under the hoods between your FL and, a W-9 for instance.
You could party in the W-9 engine bay, pay particular attention to detail, hoses and fittings, wiring and connectors, their quality, and particularly the bundling, routing and protection of hoses, wiring and plumbing.
Slam the doors, fiddle with everything, take them for a test drive and take notes.

If it’s an aero truck you want then do the same thing.
For appearance, aside from the classics, I’ve grown fond of the Pete 567 Heritage.
Might be a decent compromise between a classic big hood and an aero truck.

Who knows, you might come home with a Lonestar or a Western Star and be a super star in a large car, or a tourist in a Vole Vo motorhome.



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