You know I lived in California for a couple of years. That place really is like its own country.

Maybe it’s because they wield a lot of power because they have such a large economy. I don’t know. But it seems like so much is different there.

Just for example, I was in an earthquake. It scared the living you-know-what out of me! It felt like the devil was opening up the Earth and was going to swallow everything up. It was like the end of times that you had no control over whatsoever that came with zero warning. Absolutely terrifying.

When I began to talk to people that live there and ask them what they thought of earthquakes the answer always shocked me.

Pretty much everybody said, “you know, some places get snow, some places get hurricanes. We have Sunshine most of the year and Mild temperatures and you can go surf and go to the beach and hang out.

So the Earth shakes a little, big deal”.

Like I said. It’s like their own planet out there.

They have a point of view that boggles the mind.



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