1. Hello everyone I purchased a freightliner classic with a 500 HP 12.7 Detroit. I let it sit a few days and didn’t change the water out for antifreeze. Cold weather came , and I opened the hood and realized everything was frozen and all the frozen water caused cracks in the hoses radiator etc. What are the chances it damaged the engine block? I’m not too concerned about a headgasket or any of that if someone could tell me if that will crack the block. Thanks.


  2. Sometimes it will. Check it over good.


  3. Why would you not use antifreeze


  4. Just bought it and the guy didn’t have any in there. I was going to change radiator but cold came a little early.


  5. Now you may get to change engine too.


  6. Sounds like you where planning on overhauling it anyway… depending on how frozen it got, usually it will only push out the soft/frost plugs. So, when you get it pulled into the shop and it’s thawed, pressure test the cooling system. Get the engine to operating temp and test it again. If nothing leaks you’ll be alright. I would test to 20-25psi.


  7. Water is an amazing power and freeze expansion will break even the strongest of steel. If it holds water after thaw you might have gotten lucky. Check for mixing fluids and leaks and watch it close for overheats.


  8. How cold did it get???? I’ve had more water than antifreeze in a pick up truck engine before during the winter and didn’t crack the block.


  9. Seen 3 cracked with just water no antifreeze.


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