You cannot possess Pot period. It is a total Federal Ban, your CDL is federal therefore you cannot have it on you, in you with you, pocket, cab whatever. You cannot transport it across state lines. You run into each state potentially capturing and prosecuting you. You will never make it back.

YOU WILL lose your CDL. Its going to be gone. Everything in my thinking is based on DEA’s specific ruling that Pot itself THC in particular is a total and complete ban for those in Federal Public safety type work which is YOU, the CDL holder which itself is FEDERAL.

You will lose your grandmother. Thats a given. All she has to do is start eating within a week.

That I think is a choice your grandmother made. She has decided maybe enough is enough and since she is going to pass on soon either by choice or by medical situation eating is the last thing she wants.

If I were you….

You find that doctor who made that suggestion about edible. ASK HIM where pray tell do YOU find that stuff there in Texas? There is no point in talking about something to go get or use medically by a doctor if there is nothing legal or no legal mechanism n Texas to do it right away. If the doctor cannot help you then thats it. Just a suggestion.

Suppose you did go to Colorado. Got some. Managed to drive back in 30 hours with it. You are literally gambling with your entire future, your entire ability to work in trucking and your unknowns not yet known. If you are captured before you get back to Granny. Then she dies. YOU are incarcerated. And thats that.

If you think family is difficult now, wait until you are incarcerated and for example here in Arkansas facing 10,000 dollars to start off in fines. Thats just a start. Not to mention Federal Charges for crossing state lines. If its federal and you get put away, they can ship you to say…. Marion Illinois in the big house there. Your family will have a hell of a trip to visit you all the way up there.

I can go on and on. But think on two things.

If your grand ma decided to not eat shes gone. If your doctor knows where in Texas to get pot into her for a medical need HE needs to make it happen right there in that hospital. If Texas denies it then thats that. Never mind Colorado.

Your self employment in trucking has to be related to a drug consortium which is a totally different problem. It does not matter if you were say… the Pope hisself if you were caught with pot in a juristiction that bans pot outside of say Colorado. You are going to be prosecuted.

Arkansas has a medical pot card, but it takes a few months to get and only for a limited set of diagnosis. And then you are not allowed to possess it in any form outside of that card limitation. And only in Arkansas. Its a example.

Finally not last.

You have a week to get her to eat something. If anyone in your family knows her at all what is her absolute personal favorite dish or food, find it and fix it very well, deliver it to her bedside and see if she will eat. If she decides that she will not eat or have too many medical problems inside of her to make food irrevelant then she is going to pass on.

Nothing else will matter. Not moving her to Colorado etc.

You could buy a home in Colorado near a hospital for her, get a medical RV transport with nursing or med flight with King air and nurses to get her there to the new home and see if that will help tomorrow. But it takes huge amounts of money and for what gain? Years of stomach pain and trouble with medical billing? That is going to kill her anyway?

When someone contemplates doing something outrageous and talks about it, I say this… Awesome. But at the same time Sun Tzu says before engaging in Warfare, count the potential losses. And for you, for your grandma its too much. A bridge too far. So colorado is out.

Your Grandmother has to decide if she will eat. If not? Then she MUST contemplate passing and while there is time to make her wishes known before the courts get involved to enforce a intubation or heroic measures to keep her alive by machines forever and ever. Otherwise known as a DNR order if your grandmother is of sound mind and made the choice that she will not eat. Your family will have to let her be.

Dont go to Colorado. Find your doctor who suggested that pot idea and ask HIM in that local hospital… “From Where, with what pot?”

You would think Doctors will consider whatever medicine is legally open to them. If he is talking Pot great. Find some there in texas where he thinks he can get some legally. NOT you going to Colorado illegally. Your doctor has to know for sure if he can get or source pot in some medicine form to use for your grandma in the hospital otherwise its just talk that will destroy your future, your family and everything you have built so far. No doctor has the right to make noises or suggestions like that. It’s outrageous.

Ive said enough. Don’t do this. Your grandmother as long she is her own person is sovereign to use a bad fitting word. She gets to decide what she wants. If she eats? Great. Feed her. If not? Despite her favorite dishes made well in front of her? Then thats it. Start making arrangements.



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