So the Rain-X beam blade came in second, but not by much and at a much cheaper cost.

But I would advise against the treated Rain-X blade.
It does not do that much and the untreated blade is cheaper. I have used both.

If you want a Rain-X treated windshield, it is far better to apply Rain-X directly.
Or use the Rain-X wiper fluid, which does more than the wiper blade but not nearly the job applying it directly does.

I have been an avid fan of Rain-X since it first came out.
Not so much with the truck.

The glass has to be absolutely clean when you apply it, for best effect.
And you need to apply a few coats to get the full effect.
Using wipers will wipe it away before long, and then you do it again.

It is not as simple as wiping it on.
You wipe it on, then basically polish the glass with a cloth. Then do it again a couple times.

Actually, use a paper towel to wipe it on in a small circular motion all over the glass. The paper will take up embedded dirt in the pores of the glass. Go over it a few times until there is just a thin haze on the glass.
Then get a soft cotton cloth to polish it clear. I used a t-shirt.
Do that a couple more times to get the full effect.
That is for virgin extra clean glass.

If you never have to use the wipers it will last quite a while.
But every sweep of the wipers will remove some of the coating.
Even heavy rain will wash it away.

Water is the universal solvent, after all.
Water is some amazing stuff.



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