WSIBTORONTO, Ont. – The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has sanctioned dozens more Ontario-based fleets for using Driver Inc. to avoid paying premiums, the Ontario Trucking Association said Friday.

Driver Inc. is a controversial business model that classifies fleet employees as independent contractors. The drivers are incorporated and receive their pay without any source deductions.

In September, the WSIB conducted risk-based audits of two trucking companies, each of which has had corrective debit adjustments of over $200,000.

“The WSIB uses data-driven approaches to identify Driver Inc. companies and other non-compliance in our sector. We expect these efforts will keep WSIB enforcement personnel busy for some time to come,” said Jonathan Blackham, director of policy and public affairs at the association.

“Compliant carriers would like to thank the WSIB for being the only agency to date, provincially or federally, to put such a focused effort on ensuring compliance and protecting workers in our sector.”

To assist in the detection of noncompliance, the WSIB has a hotline available for drivers to report companies forcing them into the Driver Inc. scheme, the association said. The number is: 1-888-745-3237

“We believe the WSIB is doing everything in their power to address Driver Inc.,” said OTA chairman David Carruth.

“Now that the election is over, we need the CRA, the ESDC and the federal government to do their part as well.”

The association estimates that the federal government loses at least $1 billion in tax revenue to Driver Inc. practices in the trucking industry.


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