The motor is junk, my brand new LT blew the EGR cooler and took out the motor @36 780kms, while mine was apart at international, our second LT blew the motor @69 450kms. We can’t get a rental, because XTL/Lightspeed Logistics have about 2 dozen of these LT’s down with motor and transmission failure, mileages between 65 000kms and 205 000kms.

I told my boss, to cancel the rest of the LT’s on order, and go get some Cascadia’s; which he has now done. Internationals Attitude toward this whole fiasco, is the same old same old “Sorry, but you bought it”, just like the Maxxforce days.

The performance series does not seem to have these issues (that we know of) but the costs to purchase and warranty those for a fleet, is simply to high.

Real shame, cause its a nice truck (when new) but you can almost feel the parts starting to fall off going down the road lol.

2018 Cascadia for me in 2 weeks.



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