Show trucks are the feature at any truck show you go to. The massive, gleaming beacons of chrome are pieced together and polished so well that they not only reflect one’s face but also reflect the personalities of those whom drive them. While our Grand Opening celebration isn’t a judged truck show, we couldn’t justify having a party for the trucking community without including some of the nation’s best show trucks.

As many in the industry know, trucking can be equal parts marathon and sprint. Show trucks don’t deviate from this duality, embodying both the aesthetics of fine art and the savagery of brute force. To truly understand the magnificence of these rigs, come by and see some of the award-winning trucks that will be accompanying us for the day. There will also be a bounce house for the kids and food trucks for the family, it is sure to be a great time! 

Michael A. Manuel Trucking, Inc.’s 2015 Peterbilt 389 – “One of Many” 

A tributary to their beloved daughter, Kara, One of Many is the pride and joy of Michael A. Manuel Trucking just as Kara is to Mike’s family. One of Many’s name was chosen by Michael’s wife as a statement that their daughter was just one of the many autism cases each year. The truck makes stops all across the nation to raise awareness for a cause that is close to their home, and their continuous journey symbolizes the integral manner in which autism has become apart of their daily lives. Displayed across the truck are over 2,000 jig-saw puzzle pieces, one of the symbols for autism rights & awareness. We encourage you to stop by our Grand Opening event to witness how the Manuel Family used their creativity to raise awareness for a noble cause! 

show truck


David Schnautz’s W900A & Cabover 

David once referred to his beloved Kenworth W900A as “A Dream Come True” and the description couldn’t have been more apt. The multi-award winning rig has become an instant classic for its clean, yet sophisticated look.  Another one of David’s revered big rigs, a 1985 Kenworth K100E, will also be at the Grand Opening. The truck is a fan favorite among cab over fans, and has even been put to print on one of Hammerlane Apparel’s most popular shirts, Stay Classy. 



Ryan Wichtner’s 1982 Marmon 110P

Ryan Wichtner’s old school Marmon is a sight for sore eyes and brings back the nostalgia of trucking in the 70’s and early 80’s when cab overs or COEs (Cab Over Engine) dominated the roads. These days it is rare to see a cab over, never mind a Marmon, and to have an immaculately restored one here at our Grand Opening will truly be a gem. The coolest part about Ryan’s groovy rig is that he stayed true to the era, everything in and on the truck is from 1982. Being around this beauty is like driving down the roads of trucking’s history to a bygone generation.

1982 Marmon Cabover


Lacy Crews’ 2002 Peterbilt 379

When you hear the word “perfection” the first thing that comes to mind is something without fault, or unblemished. That’s an apt description for Lacy Crews’ pristine Pete 379. All white is always a bold move that few can pull off (especially when it comes to tuxedos), but this Pete wears it well. Like all great show trucks, it is the little things that make the biggest difference. And choosing to couple the white paint job with chrome accents makes this truck the definition of a clean rig.

You can catch Lacy’s unique all-white Pete, as well as the other aforementioned show trucks, at Raney’s Grand Opening celebration. If you’re unfamiliar with the trucking industry, we can promise that you will be in for a surprise as none of these spectacular Big Rigs will disappoint. 

For more information about the Grand Opening – such as the activities, location, and more – visit our Grand Opening celebration page. 


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